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At OptumCare® we seek out opportunities to engage with high-quality and visionary physician organizations that are well-managed, primed for growth, focused on quality and foster a culture of innovation.

Based on each market's unique dynamics, we may employ the following models when entering a new market.

Medical group acquisition 

We acquire a large physician group and develop their capabilities to manage their patient population and ultimately grow the group practice.

ProHealth Physicians, ProHEALTH Care Associates, Southwest Medical and American Health Network are all examples of medical group acquisitions by OptumCare. This means that OptumCare acquires the full, majority or minority interest in each of these medical groups.

Through OptumCare’s acquisition and partnership the medical group is able to expand market presence via additional smaller acquisitions or through the creation of an IPA.

Independent practice association acquisition

We acquire an independent practice association (IPA)  that has already established risk-bearing functions and a comprehensive, contracted provider network. 

Examples of IPA acquisitions within OptumCare are the NAMM, AppleCare and Monarch Networks.

Acquisition plus IPA wrap

We acquire a large physician group and then create a physician-led network of high performing physicians in an IPA model to support physicians through value-added resources to better serve their patients. 

Examples of the Acquisition plus IPA wrap model within OptumCare include WellMed, OptumCare Network of Connecticut and New West Physicians.

IPA start-up only

Non-integrated multi-payer network

We establish a physician-led network of high performing physicians in an IPA model to support physicians through value-added resources to better serve their patients. OptumCare Networks of Arizona and Utah were built within an IPA start-up model.

We stood up these practices in partnership with our sister company UnitedHealthcare®.

Contiguous/organic growth

We expand existing groups/IPAs to adjacent markets through enhanced payer relationships and new contracted/employed physicians.

The contiguous growth model allows flexibility in growing the market as well as attracting physicians through the employed or contracted model.

Examples of contiguous growth within OptumCare are the expansion into Tucson of the OptumCare Network of Arizona, as well as the WellMed expansion into Dallas. 

Tuck-in acquisition

We expand an existing group practice by acquiring additional physician practices, large and small, which are then integrated into an OptumCare Care Delivery Organization. 

Tuck-in acquisitions compliment and/or expand the existing OptumCare market. Tuck-in acquisition examples include OptumCare Medical Group in Southern California and USMD in Texas.

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