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Optum Care encourages a healthy work and life balance. 

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Lena:                                     00:10                     One of the things that has been the most profound is their a mindfulness program. Anybody that wanted to participate could go through and find out ways to keep-to keep yourself in this place where you're good and you're not burnt out or frustrated. Because that translates so clearly to the patient. They feel-we feel when another human is frustrated and stressed. And to stay in a place where you can be present and hear them and see them. Not only at work, but then take that home to your family—I have a one year old and so I'm always busy. But it allows me to just sit, and to be, and to appreciate her and the time that it is and not be stressed out with all the million things I have to go on around the house.

Anna:                                    00:53                     My team lead, in particular, he has this phrase around the office, "be here now." So when you're in the office, be in the office, and at the same time, he encourages us, when we're at home, be at home, be with your family, be a mother. And I-I really, really like that. Um, the-how Optum Care is set up is that way. You have everything in the office that you need to be a good provider to your patients, so that when you get home you're a family person. I like that.



As provider burnout rates continue to rise, Optum Care providers are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between their work roles, personal responsibilities and family life.

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